Neurodiversity at Work

The workshop offers an overview about neurodiversity and neurodivergent people. We will discuss various communication, working, learning, and interaction styles. Participants will be guided in how they can more effectively collaborate to create an environment that is conducive to all employees.

During this workshop, you will learn: will help your organization recruit, hire, retain and advance neurodivergent workers and benefit from the advantages of neurodiversity at work.

You will learn about:

What neurodiversity means
The broad spectrum of people who are neurodivergent
Benefits of neurodivergent employees
Understanding challenges and how to address them
Communication tips
Current terminology
Accommodation and supports for neurodivergent employees

All of CAN’s neurodiversity workshops are created, researched and facilitated by neurodivergent people. Our lived expertise is vital to properly representing neurodiversity in the workplace.

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