Accessibility Audits

LET’S has created and/or performed accessibility audits of different scales for many different organizations, companies, cities, housing developments, and individuals. LET’S creates checklists, based on the Canadian Standards Association and other worldwide standards as well as criteria from years of listening to the access needs of our disabled members. These checklists are then applied to venues and events. We follow up our audit with a detailed report about what our client is doing well, what needs improvement, and what can be done in the short-term or long-term, and what is financially feasible. Our audit tool and reporting is specific to the needs of our client. LET’S is known for having a flexibility that fits the many needs of our clients.

Examples of clients:

  • Growing Room Literary Festival
  • TransLink
  • City of Burnaby
  • City of Maple Ridge
  • City of Pitt Meadows
  • 2010 Legacies Now
  • Rick Hansen Foundation
  • YVR (Vancouver airport)
  • VANOC (Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics)
  • The Arbutus Club
  • And many more.


LET’S Executive Director, Heather McCain, is a highly skilled and experienced and facilitator. They are available to facilitate conversations, meetings, conferences, and events. They are respected for their ability to facilitate groups of people from diverse backgrounds and a variety of intersecting identities. Heather is flexible, engaging, enthusiastic and efficient with excellent conflict resolution skills. Heather has worked with a variety of businesses, communities, and groups and is available to help your organization.

In addition to Heather, CAN helps emerging advocates and educators find opportunities to increase their skills and experience. CAN also works with independent contractors for projects, workshops, and/presentations that require additional facilitators and/or speakers.

Facilitation Testimonial

“Heather is knowledgeable, thoughtful, funny, and generous. As the moderator of Chronically Queer, they create a welcoming environment for everyone—regardless of where participants are in their respective disability journeys. Chronically Queer benefits from Heather’s extensive experience, longstanding commitment to advocacy, and dedication to supporting disabled people and affirming disabled ways-of-being. It is clear that Heather views accessibility as a practice and is therefore always seeking to make the group work better for participants. Moreover, Heather is passionate about ensuring that accessibility extend beyond “crip” spaces and, in that spirit, often offers group members opportunities to have our voices heard in majority-abled spaces as well. Under their care, the group has become a thriving community and fostered many friendships.“

Corin Parsons de Freitas, Chronically Queer member

Speaking and Presentations

LET’S has delivered speeches on a broad range of topics, including accessibility, advocacy, community building, diversity, equity, poverty, transportation, and more.

Clients Include

  • Neurodiversity in the IT Workforce – TECHNATION’s FutureWave Conference
  • Placemaking in a Pandemic – CAPACity (UBC)
  • How to Perform Accessibility Audits – Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture
  • Enforced Poverty (provincial disability) – Poverty Reduction Coalition
  • Roots of Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods – HEU (Hospital Employees Union equity group
  • Disability Employment – SPARC (Social Planning and Research Council of BC)
  • Intro to Disability Justice – Stratagem Conference
  • Enabling People with Disabilities with Assistive Technology – InNovATE (Innovations in the Northwest to advance Assistive Technology Excellence)
  • Enabled Versus Disabled – HEU (Hospital Employee’s Union) Equity Conference
  • Evolution of the Pedestrian + Examples in Universal Design Walking Tour – Walk 21
  • Connecting Through Adaptive Sports – ProMotion Plus
  • Disability Awareness – Provincial Disability Games
  • A Day in the Life of Someone with a Disability –
  • Accessible Urban Space – UN World Urban Forum SPARC (Social Planning and Research Council of BC)