Live Educate Transform Society

LET’S is an organization entirely run and staffed by disabled and neurodivergent folks who utilize their lived expertise to create essential change. LET’S creates meaningful dialogues and powerful learning opportunities by utilizing and amplifying lived expertise to create transformative educational experiences regarding accessibility, disability, diversity, equity, justice, and more. Our work builds community, empowers people with disabilities and neurodivergent folks, enables people to advocate for themselves and others, and models how accessibility and diversity can become a reality. Our services are used by businesses, community members, governments, non-profits, and service providers around the world. Our services include: accessibility audits, accessibility protocols, assistance with research, community outreach, facilitation, focus groups, providing low sensory spaces, and workshops on a variety of topics.

An illustration of 4 disabled people

Illustration of 4 disabled people

Live Educate Transform Society utilizes lived expertise to create transformative educational opportunities.
Hire Us for Accessibility Audits, Consultation, Low/Reduced Sensory Spaces, Speaking Engagements, and Workshops

Illustration of a diverse group of people