This workshop is for anyone with ADHD, anyone who loves/supports someone with ADHD, and/or anyone interested in neurodiversity.

Our workshop is filled with real life examples and insights from people with lived expertise. LET’S creates a supportive environment to talk about the advantages, barriers, and characteristics of ADHD, how it can impact school/employment/home/community, and practical tools and strategies to move forward in more self-aware ways.

Workshop includes breakout group discussions and self-reflection exercises. Join us as we discuss how neuronormativity shows itself in all aspects of life. Neurormativity is a set of standards, expectations and ideals that centre a certain way of functioning as the “right way”. Neuronormativity is the assumption that there is a correct way to be, play, behave, feel, think, communicate, and work. Learn how to bust the myths of neuronormativity and practice, model, and encourage neurodiversity-affirming practices and principles.

All of LET’S’ neurodiversity workshops are created, researched and facilitated by neurodivergent people. Our lived expertise is vital to properly representing neurodiversity.

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