Neurodivergent Tips

We live in a world that is not built for the brains, practices, and ways of neurodivergent people. It is difficult and tiring to exist in a world that centres neuronormativity (the idea that there is a “right way” to do things). There are many types of neurodivergent identities that impact executive functioning, which can make daily tasks and expectations difficult.

For example, when Neurodivergent people are unable to meet expectations, they feel more anxious, overwhelmed, and, in some cases, depressed. They can then get trapped in a task spiral, in which their negative thoughts and feelings increase their emotions and make the task all the more difficult to accomplish. This can lead to some neurodivergent people freezing. Outsides perceive and label this as lazy or as the person consciously deciding not to do the task. Instead, the neurodivergent person is stuck in this internal whirlwind of anxiety and tension, unable to move forward.

Our workshop utilizes breakout discussions and self-reflection opportunities to learn how to support ourselves and others in situations like the example above. Learn to release expectations that cause feelings of shame. Gain tips on how to shift your perception and improve your ability to accomplish tasks and develop better mental health.

All of LET’S’ neurodiversity workshops are created, researched and facilitated by neurodivergent people. Our lived expertise is vital to properly representing neurodiversity.

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