Low Sensory Environments

(Come back towards the end of November to see the collection of photographs we are busy compiling from all of LET’S’ 2023 low/reduced sensory spaces.)

Low/Reduced Sensory Spaces by Live Educate Transform Society

LET’S creates low or reduced sensory spaces for formal and informal events, including conferences, festivals, workshops, performances, charitable, corporate, and private gatherings.

LET’S’ spaces are created and facilitated by neurodivergent folks with lived expertise.

LET’S uses a Disability Justice lens and prioritizes accessibility.

What are Low/Reduced Sensory Spaces?

Low/reduced sensory spaces are specially designed safe, calming environments created for neurodivergent folks, including people with ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorders, anxiety, depression, mental health issues, and more.

Our spaces also serve as an essential safer space that supports organizers in meeting the needs of all attendees.

Why Provide Low/Reduced Sensory Spaces?

Low/reduced sensory spaces provide customized environments for people to decompress and have much needed breaks from overwhelming sensory input (noise, crowds, smells, lighting), strong emotions, and socializing.

People who are not neurodivergent also benefit from access to low/reduced sensory spaces.

Highlight Your Commitment to Accessibility, Equity, and Diversity

The presence of a low or reduced sensory space at your event is an intentional practice that demonstrates your commitment to accessibility, diversity, and equity and increases your potential audience.

What’s Included When You Hire LETS

  • 1 on 1 event coordination
  • Trained, neurodivergent sensory space facilitators
  • A large assortment of stuffies, colouring books, crayons/ markers/pencil crayons, books, word games and reading materials
  • Stim toys for onsite use (used to regulate emotions and help with under or overwhelm)
  • Selection of stim toys that event attendees can take home
  • Resource materials on social justice topics (such as 2SLGBTQIA+ disability)
  • Additional staff as needed.

We will work with you to design a low sensory environment ideal for your event.